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Silane Coupling Agent

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Use of Silane KH-151

The silane coupling agent KH-151 is a chemical substance mainly used for crosslinking of polyethylene. It is also applied to the surface treatment of glass fiber reinforced plastics such as unsaturated polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene resin. In addition, this product can be used for surface moisture treatment of electronic components, surface treatment of inorganic silicon-containing fillers, and also for surface treatment of composite glass intermediate layers.

In addition to the above uses, Vinyltriethoxysilane is also used for impregnating glass fibers and inorganic silicon-containing fillers, and is also copolymerized with various monomers to form special coatings. The silane coupling agent KH-151 is also used as a sealant for treating special rubber fillers and for preparing electronic component molding materials, and as a surface moisture-proof treatment for electronic components.

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