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Silane Coupling Agent

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Proper identification of "dry silane" products

The real "dry silane" product is a white-like amorphous powder with no peculiar smell. It can be dissolved in organic solvents and easily hydrolyzed in water. The package is a 10KG whiteboard composite kraft bag.

At present, the so-called "dry silanes" on the market are mostly pale yellow, brown or off-white, and the shape is microbeads or dry and wet powder. After sampling and analysis, these counterfeit and shoddy products mostly contain ammonia, acid and other ingredients, and are easy to yellow, and have a certain corrosiveness. Although its cost is low, its use risk is extremely high and it is prone to various quality problems, such as cracking and so on.

Our company-NANJING ALCHEMIST CHEMICAL CO. LTD specializes in producing silane coupling agents for many years and has rich experience in export trade. Our products are sold to many foreign countries and regions, and the product quality and price are assured to customers. If you need, please contact us.