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Silane Coupling Agent

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The role of KH-792 silane coupling agent as a sealant

KH-792 silane coupling agent plus single and two-component silane cross-linking sealant improves the adhesion of a variety of substrates, including glass, steel, aluminum and concrete. When used as a silylated polyurethane polymer, using SPUR SM technology, the silane can significantly improve the adhesion to a series of plastics.

With the addition of one- and two-component polysulfur sealants, KH-792 silane coupling agent provides good adhesion to a variety of substrates, including glass, aluminum and steel. The general dosage of KH-792 silane coupling agent is 0.5-1.0% of the weight of the sealant. The product has good dispersibility and can get cohesive cracking instead of interface cracking.

Our company-NANJING ALCHEMIST CHEMICAL CO. LTD specializes in the development and production of silane coupling agent series products, which are widely used in adhesives, tires and sealants, etc. Our products are strictly operated in accordance with industry standards, and their quality and safety are trusted by customers who have cooperated. We look forward to reaching cooperation with more friends in the future to develop different kinds of products.