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Silane Coupling Agent

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Performance of silane coupling agent Si-902

The silane coupling agent si-902 is a monoaminosilane. Its molecular structure has an active primary ammonia functional group and two hydrolyzable alkoxy groups. This dual reactivity makes it possible to improve the bonding, bonding and compatibility of inorganic materials (glass, metal, filler) and organic polymers (thermosetting resins, plastics, elastomers) through two-way chemical reactions, so as to improve the mechanical properties of resin matrix composites or the adhesive strength and water resistance of resin coatings.

In different applications, it can be used as coupling agent, adhesion promoter, curing agent, surface modifier of pigments and fillers.The silane coupling agent si-902 is especially suitable for the coatings produced by waterborne organic resin. It can significantly improve the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, significantly improve the corrosion resistance, weather resistance and processing fluidity.

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