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Silane Coupling Agent

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Characteristics and uses of silane coupling agent KH-578


The silane coupling agent KH-578 is a silane coupling agent specially used in aqueous systems to improve the adhesion and water resistance of aqueous coatings and adhesives such as acrylic emulsions, styrene-butadiene emulsions and aqueous polyurethane dispersions to glass and metals . Its outstanding advantage is long-term stability under the aqueous system, and does not yellow.

As a adhesion promoter or crosslinking agent, the silane coupling agent KH-578 can be used in the following aqueous one-component systems: laminating adhesives for automobiles, laminating adhesives for furniture, and flocking adhesives. In these applications, the use of KH-578 achieves the goal of replacing two-component aqueous adhesives with a one-component system.

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