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Dry Silane

Dry Silane

DryFlow dry silanes (solid silanes, powder silanes) are a convenient form of traditional liquid organo-functional silane coupling agents with 65% high active concentration;they are free-flowing powders. DryFlow dry silanes offer the benefit of easier handling and weighing, quicker incorporation during mixing and a longer shelf life.
Dry silanes have various organo-functional groups and can be used in various thermoset resins, thermoplastic resins and elastomers, the choice of which depends on the type of polymer system in use.
They function by chemically coupling the filler to the backbone of the polymer during vulcanization, compounding or thermoset.


Marking Products name CAS No.
Dry Silane (Amino Organofunctional)
Dry Silane (Epoxy Organofunctional)
Dry Silane (Methacryloxy Organofunctional)
Dry Silane (Vinyl Organofunctional)
Dry Silane (Sulfur Organofunctional)

Dry Silanes Applications: The typical application of DryFlow dry silanes includes: 1. Powder coatingPromote the adhesion of coating to metal, glass, ceramic; . Enhance the ability of water-resistance. 2. Thermoplastic and polymer modificationLower the viscosity and better processability. Enhance the strength. 3. Rubber and elastomerBetter tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Increase the modulus without significantly affecting other compound propertiesImproved compression setLower compound Mooney viscosityImproved rolling resistance in tire tread compoundsLower hysteresis.

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