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Sulfur Silane KH-69

Silane KH-69:Bis-(3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl)-tetrasulfane

Silane KH-69Bis-(3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl)-tetrasulfane is a kind of sulfur-containing silane, It has a high sulfur content sulfur and sulphur contained in the molecular structure of KH-69 have the same function. Both of them can be used as curing agent. While, the Si-OH formed after the hydrolysis of the ethoxy can have condensation reaction with the hydroxyl on the surface of the inorganic materials (such as white carbon black). Thus erected between inorganic materials and resins,”molecular bridge”, to play a role in coupling. KH-69 is a light yellow, transparent, low viscosity liquid, Its smell is somewhat similar to that of mercaptan. Bis-(3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl)-tetrasulfane can be dissolved in aliphatic solvents and aromatic solvents such as alcohol, ether, ketone.KH-69 can be used as adhesion promoter, surface modifiers, and cross-linking agent and dispersant. It is to upgrade the combination of power and compatibility between inorganic mineral powder material, fiber and polymers (resin). And to improve the adhesion, water resistance between resin coating and the inorganic substrate.KH-69 is mainly used in rubber products of sulfur vulcanization system which are filled with inorganic filler. Bis-(3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl)-tetrasulfane can improve the stability of cross-linked, water resistance and improve the tensile strength and so reduce the compression deformation and friction heat, improve the dynamic characteristics and rheological properties.

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Silquest A-1289
Dow Corning
KBE 846
Evonik Degussa
Si 69
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