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Vinyl Silane

Vinyl Silane

Vinyl silane, also called ethenyl silane, is an organic chemical with chemical formula C2H6Si or CH2=CH–SiH3. It is a derivative of silane.
Vinyl silane is used as a monomer for some copolymer plastics such as ethylene -vinylsilane and ethylene-vinyl acetate-vinylsilane. It is also used as a cross-linking agent during the manufacture of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). The silane group is reactive, and in the presence of moisture, vinyl silane forms cross-links as the material cures. Moisture-curable polymers are used as electrical insulation in some kinds of cables.

Vinyl silane is also used as a coupling agent for treatment of glass fibers in order to form stronger bonds with resin and produce fiberglass with better mechanical properties.


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