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Silane Coupling Agent

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Application of silane coupling agent kh-580

The γ - mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane is a silane coupling agent with a mercapto functional group, and is often used to treat inorganic fillers such as silica and carbon black. It acts as an active agent, coupling agent, cross-linking agent, and reinforcing agent in polymers such as rubber and silicone rubber. As a metal surface rust inhibitor, it has special functions. Treating the metal surface with the silane coupling agent KH-580 can improve its surface corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and increase its adhesion to polymer materials such as resin.

Silane coupling agent kh-580 has a special effect in rubber industry and tire industry. It is commonly used to treat inorganic fillers such as silica, carbon black, glass fiber, mica, etc., which can produce good coupling effect between rubber and inorganic fillers such as silica. Silane coupling agent kh-580 can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the products, especially for sulfur curing and peroxide curing systems. It can also improve the tensile strength of rubber, reduce its permanent compression deformation, and improve the wear resistance of rubber.

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